Hi! I'm David.

I'm a technology Journalist from San Francisco California, and every day I'm flexing my creative muscles with photography, video journalism, writing, and music.

I work for a collaborative organization called DGiT Studios, who's goal is to deliver high-quality technology oriented content to millions of readers every single day.

I love taking photos. There is so much interesting content that surrounds us every moment, and it's seldom that we take a moment to stop and look. I hope that my content can help you see the world in a whole new way, whether it be from a foreign perspective, or by looking at something you see every day just a little bit differently.

I grew up hooked on technology. I was working with computers at a very early age, and became obsessed with the ins and outs of computer hardware and processing. I continued to pursue this obsession throughout college, where I attended the University of California at Santa Cruz studying Technology and Information Management.

Smartphones are the outlet that got me into writing, and I landed my first blogging job back in 2013. Since then I've worked for a couple of organizations, but I've remained focused on mobile technology and computer hardware throughout this time.

I've just started traveling for work and other means recently, and I wanted to document a lot of these travels here.